Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Aid Brands

Ozen is one of Australia’s best resources to find all the information you need about the top brands. Australians have access to all the leading manufacturers so no matter your level of hearing loss, there is always the right device for you. read more

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing Aid Types

The best information for all the different types of device avaialble on the market. Ozen has compiled a list of the more popular types to help you with your purchasing decisions. read more

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Find The Best Hearing Aids

Choosing a Hearing Aid can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider to make sure that the device you get will be the best hearing aids for you. The price is only one factor to consider, there are many other things like choosing the right style, getting the perfect fit and the lifespan of the device. Your Ozen hearing specialist will check your hearing and make a recommendation based on your lifestyle and budget.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

There are two fundamental technologies, the original analog devices and the new digital hearing aids. Analog devices today are rare, but still exist on the market  amplify sound by converting it via a amplifier into an electronic signal into a speaker in the ear.

The digital varieties contain a modern silicon processor the convert the sound into electronic signals, providing a clearer, crisper and more intelligent processing of the sound. The advantage of digital is that they can be fine tuned to amplify different frequencies at different volumes so that they can be tailor tuned for your individual hearing assessment.

How Hearing Aids Work

Types of Hearing Aids

There are three main styles to consider each with their own specific strength and weaknesses. While fundamentally the hearing aid is a microphone attached to a battery which amplifies sound for your ear, the housing and the design can differ between the styles. Ozen consultants will help you compare the hearing aid types that are best for you. 

different types of devices
behind the ear hearing aids

Behind The Ear

Perfect for younger patients, the behind the ear or BTE is contained in a super small case that is held behind the ear. Only a thin tube connects the case to a mold inside the ear. These are super easy to adjust as the controls are outside the ear so volume can easily be changed on the fly for ease of use. These are the most common and popular style of hearing aids due to their cost and ease of use, especially in elderly patients.

In The Ear

In The Ear aids are a compromise of both the invisible and the behind the ear. The whole unit is contained in housing that sits inside the ear canal, however they are still visible within the ear when looking from the outside. There are different options to choose from including some that are completely within the ear to some that are only half in the ear. The In Ear is also a great choice for those with a higher budget.

in the ear
invisible aids


The invisible device is the latest, most expensive and high tech style of hearing aid. These are each custom molded directly into your ear canal, only the most discerning person would ever notice that you are wearing one. These are for those with the budget to allow them to get the most discreet and high tech listening device on the market.

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There are a large number of accessories on the market that help and assist users. Bluetooth streaming accessories are popular and integrate with a large amount of models, these allow you to stream audio from your phone directly to your hearing device. Similarly, there are many assisted listening devices that can stream your television and
telephone audio directly to your device.  If you are constantly in the water of swimming, you can purchase accessories that keep your hearing aid dry and free from moisture.

accessories for hearing impaired

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

The cost of a the devices can vary greatly from audiologist. The prices generally range from around $800 per aid and can run up to over $5000. There are many factors that influence the price including the style chosen, the level of technology used, the level of government subsidies available as well as the whether the hearing professional is bundling service within

Why are some hearing Aids more expensive than others?

Manufacturers split up their models into different tiers with the highest tier generally being the most expensive and jam packed with the latest technology and functions. Also, the higher tiers also normally have the most range of styles and colors which can better suit your lifestyle needs. These are just a few of the reasons why hearing aid prices differ, some Audiologist also bundle in service into the price of the products while other charge separately for the aid and service.  

Lower Tier

The lowest tier models generally have the least features and the least technology at the lowest prices, they are still perfectly capable devices. These aids are usually optimised to hear conversations in familiar quiet environment and may lack the features contained in the higher end models that adjust in noisy environments but will handle everyday environments. 

Mid Tier

Mid tier models generally offer the best value with a good blend of technology and features for their price. They do lack some of the high end features of the premium models but often still offer features such as the Phonak Speech in Loud noise which assists users in hearing conversation in noisy environments. They may not have the latest and greatest technology but perfect for the majority of cases.


Premium models are packed with the very latest hearing technology. For example the premium Siemens Hearing Aids offer extended bandwidth and Spatial Speechfocus which allows you to hear speech from any direction which is not included on the lowest tier models. These models may also include automatic adjustment to suit your environment and come in a variety of premium colours. 

Price Starting From: $1,200 Per Ear

 Price Starting From: $2,800 Per Ear

Price Starting From: $4,500 Per Ear

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