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Here at Ozen we make it easy to find a trusted Audiologist in Australia for all your hearing Needs. All partners listed on our site are licensed and trusted practitioners ready to help you with any questions or advice regarding your hearing or hearing loss issues.

Whether you are worried about hearing loss for yourself or a loved one, our experts can answer any questions regarding some proactive solutions to treat the problems. Our audios can help treating things such as Tinnitus which a large percentage of adults deal with daily as well as other issues such as mild hearing loss or balance issues.

Our local partners will conduct a screening test to assess the best solution to fit your specific needs.

Simply fill out the contact form on our website and one of our friendly consultant will be in contact to link you with a professional that best suits your specific needs. Some of our experts are able to conduct mobile visits directly at your home  using modern slimmed down equipment for testing and screening.

All our partners are licensed and strictly screened to ensure that you will receive the utmost professionalism and care for all your hearing needs. Hearing professionals in Australia can dispense hearing aids as well as provide hearing tests.

Audiologist Appointments Australian-Wide
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Where Are Our Audiologists Located?

Here at Ozen we've worked incredibly hard to try and set up a national network of hearing professionals. We're currently in the process of expanding this network. We're sure to have your area covered, but feel free to get in touch with us to ask.

 When should I see an Audiologist?

You don't need to be referred by an ENT or a doctor to see an Audiologist or to have a hearing test. If you think your are suffering from hearing loss give Ozen a call and one our consultants can setup an appointment for you with one of our verified, local partners. If you have ear pain , dizziness or buzzing or ringing in your ears it is important to schedule an appointment with a hearing health care provider.

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So what can you expect at your appointment?

Firstly, you'll be asked questions about your history and past experience with hearing loss. Our partners will then likely examine your ears, and then depending on your symptoms provide either a screening test of a few different types of tests to determine the extent of the hearing loss. At all stages the local partner you visit should keep you informed about the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

What Experience Do Audiologists Have?

All Audiologists in Australia have up to 5 years university experience including 2 years of a Master’s degree so they are well equipped to assist you. If you are suffering from symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo please let your Audiologist know so that they can do specific tests for those symptoms. They may refer you on for further testing to properly diagnose your condition. 

Will an Audiologist find me the best hearing aid?

After conducting a thorough test and evaluating which situations you are having difficulty hearing your Audiologist can start to recommend styles and brands of hearing aids. Everyone's ear is unique and reacts differently to a hearing aid so only after trialling and testing different types will you be able to determine the best hearing aid for you. There is a very large price difference between hearing aid models so your audiologist will work within your budget to find the best hearing aid. Most hearing professionals will provide at a minimum a 30 day trial period so should you not be happy you can take it back within that period for a refund or to try a different one.  

What Type of Hearing Tests Can Be Performed?

Pure Tone - This is to determine which frequencies each ear can hear.

Speech - To determine which volume you have trouble hearing speech.

Middle Ear - Various tests to determine how your middle ear is functioning.

Inner Ear - Testing to determine information about the cochlear inner ear functions and brain pathways for hearing.

Can my Audiologist remove wax from my ears?

Sure, if you suffer from excess wax build up in your ear then your local partner can remove the wax. Depending on the level and hardness of the wax they may use Syringing which injects water in the ear to remove the wax, suctioning which is a small vacuum or a tool to scoop the wax out of your ears. After an in person examination your audiologist will be able to determine the best method for your needs.


What are custom ear molds?

Your hearing professional may be able to take an impression of your ear which is used to make custom ear molds. They inject a special material into your outer ear which hardens into a custom mold of your ear. These impressions can be used to make custom ear plugs or in ear monitors for musicians and professionals in the Audio industry. They are also commonly used to make custom earplugs for swimmers who are prone to infection due to water entering the ear.

Swimmer Plug

Let Ozen find you a local hearing professional

Either fill out the online form or call us on 1300-848-345. One of our consultants will advise you which is the best provider in your area for your hearing needs. 

We will recommend and arrange for your an appointment with your local expert. Hearing aids can only be fitted after a face to face consultation with a professional to test your hearing and advise you on the best solutions. 

After your appointment we will still be there to give you independent and expert advice as well as ongoing support. We understand that hearing loss is an ongoing journey and we are there to be with you the entire way. 

Audio appointments have never been easier to organise. Speak to an Ozen consultant!