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The Ozen Process

Ozen aims to take the mystery out of buying hearing aids in Australia. We understand that hearing loss affects a large portion of the population so we aim to work with you to get the very best care that is suitable for your specific needs. Our consultants will explain the whole process and refer you to one of our partnered local Audiologists.

Ozen Call Center

We are completely independent of any Hearing Aid manufacturer and work with the very best local clinicians and Audiologists. Our consultants have been trained to provide the very best advice no matter what stage of your hearing journey you are at. We don't sell hearing aids online, you first must speak face to face with one of our local Audiologist partners who will give you a hearing test and examine your hearing history. Only after a thorough examination will our consultants run through which hearing aids may be the best fit for your individual needs. 

Want some FREE hearing aid advice? Ozen consultants can help!

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Call Ozen on 1300-848-335 or fill out a call back form on our website. One of our phone consultants will get back to you straight away.

Local Professionals

We will refer you to a local audiologist who can work with you to test your hearing and pick the best hearing aid for your budget and hearing needs.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy better hearing with your new hearing aids, we will continue to provide support and assistance even after you purchase your hearing aids.

Ozen Audiologist

The Process is simple

We are committed to providing you with the very best service. We understand the difficulty surrounding hearing loss and how it can affect you and your loved ones. We are the best choice as your first point of call for your hearing needs. Our in house and licensed Audiologists will answer any questions you may have about hearing loss or hearing aids.

Want some FREE hearing aid advice? Ozen consultants can help!

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